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IEMBot Web Monitor


This application is a web based monitor of the messages IEMBot produces. These messages are organized by the NWS Office that issued them. You can monitor these messages in real-time as each office will appear as a "tab" in this window.


This application presents links to web applications specially designed to display the various products. These apps include:


JSON web service


Data is provided to this application in a web 2.0 fashion by a JSON service. You can directly call this JSON service to get the same information. The URI template is like:

The seqnum is simple a message counter. You would want to start with 0 to get the most recent history. Then use the largest value you get back each call to only fetch the most recent content. The JSON payload is an array of messages with index values of:


If you plan on developing a large application against this service, please let us know.


As always, this information is provided without warranty and the possibility of removal in the future.